warm homes project

Rory has applauded the work of the Cumbria Affordable Warmth Partnership, who today announced the launch of their Warm Homes Project. The project aims to promote warmer homes by ensuring that all Cumbrians can access a free survey of their property, enabling them to understand how best to insulate and heat through the provision of a home energy report.

Rory said: “Heating our homes in Cumbria is a real issue, particularly as many are pre-20th century stone structures that are extremely costly to heat. There are often fairly simple solutions to issues of insulation and heat retention that constituents can pursue, and this free energy report will be an enormous help – and saving – to many. Particularly at a time when it is becoming so difficult for people to afford to heat their homes in increasingly cold winters, I encourage anyone concerned about heating their home to take advantage of this offer.”

More information about the scheme can be accessed at www.cumbriawarmhomes.org.uk

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