Rory has welcomed the proposed new deal between Government and the insurance industry which will look to ensure all households are guaranteed affordable flood insurance cover.

Rory has been a vocal campaigner for those in flood-risk areas, and has hosted flooding Minister Richard Benyon in Penrith and the Border on a number of occasions to highlight local concerns. Having spoken and worked with local Flood Action Groups, the National Flood Forum and industry specialists at the North Cumbria Flood Conference, the local MP lobbied Defra ministers directly on the concerns raised to him about the substantial increase in insurance premiums many communities in high flood risk areas would otherwise have faced had the Statement of Principles framework expired.

The new deal announced will cap flood insurance premiums, linking them to council tax bands so that people will know how much they have to pay. According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) consultation, a householder in the average band D property will pay no more than an estimated £800.

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson said: “Flooding is terrible for anyone affected by it. We have worked extremely hard with the industry to reach an agreement on the future of flood insurance. There are still areas to work through but this announcement means that people no longer need to live in fear of being uninsurable and that those at most risk can get protection, now and in the future.”

Rory said: “I am very pleased by this announcement, and I hope it will come as a relief to so many of my constituents who have campaigned with me on improving local flood defences, and ensuring appropriate policy safeguards are in place for those who live in flood-risk areas. We cannot find ourselves in a position where homeowners face extortionate home insurance premiums, or discover that their house is uninsurable.

Having worked with communities and Flood Action Groups across my constituency, from Eamont Bridge to Caldbeck, I have seen some fantastic and innovative solutions to reducing flood risk, and I recognise where residents remain eager for further improvements. If anyone remains concerned about flooding in their area please do get in touch, and I would be happy to offer all the assistance I can.”

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