Upland Farms

sheepOur small, rural farms are vanishing. Two-thirds of our farming families have gone in the last few decades. As they disappear, the basic structure of rural life is broken: farm-houses become expensive homes in empty valleys, our small, village schools are forced to close, and services are increasingly centralised in our nearby towns. Without support, the character, culture, and history of our rural areas will be lost forever. This is why I have put so much energy into working with our farming communities who are under extraordinary pressure from a dozen directions; be it new environmental regulations, high fuel costs, or the vast, powerful forces of our supermarkets. Living rural communities need to be seen as part of what makes for everyone’s British identity – farms are not only mechanisms to maximise profit, but bearers of culture; a legacy of more than a thousand years of cultivation.

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national trust policy on hill farms

Rory has met with the National Trust’s Regional Director for the NW, John Darlington, at Temple Sowerby’s Acorn Bank to discuss the Trust’s policy on uplands hill-farming, its hopes to increase its community and youth focus, and other local initatives such as the creation of local rangers and improved access to local walking routes. Rory said: “As owners of […]


eu reaction to sheep tagging

Rory has expressed his dismay that the European Commission has responded negatively to a request for tolerance on EID tagging. DEFRA has dent a formal request to the EU to ask for more tolerance, particularly in relation to hill farmers. Rory said: “It is simply out of the question to expect our farmers to be […]


rory hosts ministerial visit to penrith and the border

Rory welcomed to Cumbria Secretary of State The Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP and Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Jim Paice MP on Thursday March 10th in a day-long visit to Penrith and the Border. Rory took Caroline Spelman and Jim Paice first to uplands hill farm Gaythorn Hall near Orton, where tenant farm-manager Stephen Lord welcomed […]