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‘I hope the audience will leave still confused by why it went wrong’

Article first published in The Times by David Aaronovitch on 3 May 2017. The playwright looks like a junior minister and the junior minister looks like a playwright. In 2003 the junior minister-looking one was on the Great Demonstration Against the War. A few weeks later the playwright-looking one was governing a province in southern Iraq. […]

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A walk with the FT: London’s Hyde Park with Rory Stewart

Article first published in The Financial Times by Alec Marsh on 18 November 2016. Rory Stewart’s stride is long and distinctive. Not Ministry of Silly Walks distinctive, more of a purposeful lope – like a greyhound in the moments before determined acceleration. I hurry to keep up as he tells me his desired speed is […]


Rory Stewart interview: Britain’s strategic gap

Article first published in Prospect Magazine by Jay Elwes on 18 September 2014. “It was very striking when the Russia crisis broke out for example that there were only two people left [in the Defence Intelligence unit] working on Russia.” “There was no Crimea desk officer,” in the service, which provides strategic defence intelligence to […]

Rory’s interview with The New Republic

Article first published in The New Republic by Alex Palmer on 10 September 2014. There’s a moment toward the end of The Places in Between, the book that established Rory Stewart as a celebrity intellectual, when he happens upon a frozen lake. Places chronicles Stewart’s solo trek across war-torn Afghanistan in 2002, and in this passage, he arrives on […]

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Rory Stewart walks Hadrian’s Wall

Article first published in The Financial Times on 20 June 2014. Hadrian’s Wall begins a little bewilderingly, buried under the settlements east of Newcastle, but stretches into some of the loveliest, loneliest country in Britain. Segedunum, the fort at the eastern end of the wall, has been excavated from under tight terraces of Victorian housing […]


‘The secret of modern Britain is there is no power anywhere’

Article first published in The Guardian, by Decca Aitkenhead on January 3rd, 2014 If the 15-year-old Rory Stewart could see himself today at 40, “he would think I was a bit pathetic”. He would see at once “all the ways in which I’ve compromised, and sold out. And he would be absolutely right.” What would […]


Cherwell Online: Politics at Home and Abroad

Article first published by Rachel Savage in The Cherwell on 8 August 2013. “This is what I live and breathe in Cumbria. It’s the most exciting part of it!” Rory Stewart MP is enthusing about localism and his job as a rural Tory backbencher. This is from a man who has been a solider, a […]