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Rory Stewart, MP for Penrith and The Border, along with fellow Cumbrian MPs John Stevenson, Jamie Reed, John Woodcock and Sir Tony Cunningham, last week welcomed members of the Cumbria Youth Parliament to Westminster in the first meeting of its kind. Rory spent two hours in discussion with the young Cumbrians, Organised by Cumbria County […]

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Rory speaks in Parliament on the Next Defence and Security Review

Transcript Rory Stewart : I should like to begin by talking about the House of Commons Defence Committee’s report. The key element in the report, and in what I hope will be my relatively brief remarks, is that Russia poses a significant and substantial threat to Europe. That argument has been made in great detail […]

Foreign Intervention

A Better Understanding of Intervention

The Libyan government has retreated to a ship off the coast. The President of Yemen has fled from his capital – apparently disguised as a woman. Boko Haram controls swathes of Northern Nigeria. South Sudan – the newest country in the world – celebrates its independence in Civil War. Over 10,000 civilians were casualties in […]


Ukraine proves defence spending cut would be ‘big mistake’

Rory Stewart, the Chairman of the House of Commons Defence Committee, has said it would be a “big mistake” for spending on Britain’s military to fall below the Nato target of two per cent of the national budget. He warned that recent actions by Russia in Ukraine illustrated that spending needed to be maintained as […]