Mountain Rescue

rory_mountainrescue_august2012Mountain Rescue is one of only a very few truly great acts of public service. The public loves our volunteers; and Mountain Rescue are true volunteers – unpaid professionals providing a totally free service to our communities. This ethos allows everyone to roam free in our mountains, and this we must preserve at all costs; Mountain Rescue must not become a corporate identity – its local ownership, and precisely its local knowledge and expertise, is what is essential to maintaining this community-based emergency rescue service.

There are 48 Mountain Rescue teams in England and Wales, with a further 27 teams in Scotland. Team members are on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Operations demand an extremely high commitment from everyone involved, and a typical rescue may involve up to 20 team members for around 6 hours on average.There are over 1,100 rescues each year in England and Wales, and over half of these occur in the Lake District.

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Rory Stewart, the Chairman of the APPG for Mountain Rescue, Vice-Chairs Tim Farron MP and Sir Tony Cunning MP, Treasurer John Woodcock MP and Jamie Reed MP and John Stevenson MP, along with colleagues from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Mountain Rescue have today won funding for Mountain Rescue equipment across Britain. The All […]

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Rory, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Mountain Rescue, has organised a parliamentary campaign to convince ministers to repeat funding for Mountain Rescue. Successful campaigning of the All Party Group in 2011 led to the government giving Mountain Rescue teams a VAT rebate of around £200,000 pounds each year. This agreement is due […]



Rory, yesterday chaired an important meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group, resolving to organise a ‘Mountain Rescue’ day in Westminster. This follows on from the success of Cumbria Day earlier this year. The event will raise awareness of the excellent work that Mountain Rescue groups do across the country. The APPG group welcomes members […]

Rory ACActive Jan 2013

rory advocates for greater outdoors education in penrith and the borders

Rory on Saturday attended the launch event at Penrith’s Go Outdoors centre for a new adventure learning organisation which will help young people complete their Duke of Edinburgh awards. ACActive, in conjunction with Cumbria Youth Alliance, has set up an open award centre which aims to ensure that any young person who would like the opportunity […]


Rory Takes to the Hills with Cumbrian Mountain Rescue

Rory has spent part of his summer recess out walking with Mountain Rescue operations in Cumbria, ahead of giving a keynote talk at the biennial UK and Ireland Mountain Rescue Conference to be held in Leeds next month. Rory spent a morning climbing Helvellyn with two of the Patterdale Team’s Deputy Team Leaders – Matt […]

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Rory Promotes Rural Emergency Services in Parliament

Rory continued his campaigning work as rural emergency services champion in Parliament yesterday, convening both a meeting with Mountain and Cave Rescue to discuss standard operating procedures, speaking in the parliament debate on Air Ambulance, and supporting a motion for a VAT rebate for Air Ambulances. Yesterday’s Commons debate centered on  the “Return VAT on […]


penrith mountain rescue

Rory, who is Chairman of the APPG on Mountain Rescue, visited Penrith Mountain Rescue’s Tynefield Drive base on Friday to meet with staff, discuss the team’s operations, and talk about their needs to move to a larger base in the area. Penrith Mountain Rescue comprises a large team of 40 with three vehicles, covering a […]