House of Commons

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Rory speaks in Parliament on the Next Defence and Security Review

I should like to begin by talking about the House of Commons Defence Committee’s report. The key element in the report, and in what I hope will be my relatively brief remarks, is that Russia poses a significant and substantial threat to Europe. That argument has been made in great detail by the Defence Committee […]

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Transcript: Rory Stewart (Penrith and The Border, Conservative) I will try to speak quite briefly. I pay a huge tribute to everyone involved for the way that this debate has been conducted. There has been a very good debate in the House of Lords, some very serious work by the Defence Committee since 2005 and […]

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Transcript: Rory Stuart (Penrith and The Border, Conservative) It seems to me that the challenge in relation to the Chilcot inquiry is our inability in Britain to come to terms with failure, our inability to come to terms with what exactly went wrong with Iraq, and our inability to reform. As a result of all […]

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Trident Renewal

Transcript: Rory Stewart (Penrith and The Border, Conservative) It is a great privilege to follow John Woodcock, who gave an extremely eloquent, entertaining and serious speech. I will try to speak briefly. The great challenge here is to try to work out, after nearly 60 or 70 years of this debate, what new there is […]

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Iraq: Coalition Against ISIL

Written Transcript: Rory Stewart (Penrith and The Border, Conservative) Members of the House have laid out, with enormous ingenuity, the complexity of this situation; we have heard about everything from Turkey almost to Turkmenistan. In the end, however, this is a relatively simple motion and we should support the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister […]

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Ukraine, Middle East, North Africa and Security

Written Transcript: Rory Stewart (Penrith and The Border, Conservative) We gather here today on the eve of a vote in Scotland that could tear the United Kingdom apart after 300 years together, and the question for us—whether in Scotland or in foreign policy—is: are we proud of ourselves? Are we serious? We look around the […]

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Rory’s response to 2014 Budget

Transcript Rory Stewart (Penrith and The Border): I want to speak briefly about the elderly. The response to the Budget has focused on the needs of the next generation and of younger people, but I represent a constituency in Cumbria with serious issues of isolation. I will make three points. First, we should bear in […]

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Defence Spending

Written Transcript: Rory Stewart (Penrith and The Border, Conservative) I am well aware that my No. 1 obligation in my new role in the Defence Committee is to sit down quickly to let other people speak who know a great deal more about the subject than I do. I will therefore, very rapidly, give a […]

Scotland and the Union

Rory speaks on Scotland’s place in the UK

Transcript of House of Commons Backbench Debate – 6th February 2014 Rory Stewart (Penrith and The Border, Conservative) One thousand nine hundred years ago, Rome divided Britain with a wall. Britain is an island whose natural boundaries are the sea, and this wall split families and split tribes. Ever since that moment we have been debating […]

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Rory speaks on plight of Syrians in Prime Minister’s Questions

Transcript Rory Stewart (Penrith and The Border): Christmas in Syria will be defined by unstopping grief and horror in sub-zero temperatures. I encourage the Prime Minister to keep a relentless focus on humanitarian relief in Syria, to encourage the rest of the international community to meet the UN’s demands for £4 billion of assistance, and […]