rory_telestrokePenrith and The Border has more community hospitals than any other constituency in Britain (Brampton, Alston, Penrith, and Wigton). They are, have always been, and will always be under threat. In 2005 one in four of all Cumbrians signed a petition to keep the hospitals open. They were saved and the Primary Care Trust and its successors have since committed to keeping them.

The reason community hospitals matter more so now than ever before, is because our needs in Cumbria are changing. In the next twenty years we will have twice the number of people over 85 in Cumbria. Those aged over 65 is set to rise to 35 per cent over the same period, and hospital admissions are likely to rise by 60 per cent because of increasing long years of chronic illness. This will be a financial disaster for the NHS, which could face an extra 20 million pounds of costs in Alzheimers treatment in Cumbria alone, each year.

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Rory was invited to tour around the villages of Greystoke, Penruddock and Newbiggin to see firsthand the way in which the Eden Lifeline Project is helping to save lives in rural communities through the installation of community Public Access Defibrillators (cPADs). There are now 11 cPADs installed outside village halls across Eden, and the Eden […]

Cumberland Infirmary


“I have been a strong advocate of the need for the Keogh review, and support the very detailed investigations that have taken place under the leadership of Sir Bruce Keogh. My absolute bottom line remains the provision of the best possible hospital care for my constituents and for all those who use the Cumberland Infirmary, […]



Rory paid a visit this week to the Gaudium daycare centre in Penrith, which specialises in care for dementia patients, to meet with some of the centre’s users, and to discuss the future and concerns of local healthcare providers dealing with dementia care and care for the elderly in Cumbria. Over the next twenty years, […]


Keeping our community hospitals in Cumbria

Penrith and the Border has, I believe, more community hospitals than any constituency in Britain. We have them in Penrith, Brampton, Alston, and Wigton, and we border Keswick and Cockermouth. (The national average is one for every two constituencies). And they are, have always been, will always be, under threat. In 2005 they were almost closed by a stroke […]


Rory Celebrates Cumbria’s Telestroke Service Success

Rory visited the Cumberland Infirmary’s Telestroke Service on Friday, where he congratulated the team behind the success of this flagship service, which allows consultants to monitor and diagnose stroke patients remotely. The presentation, led by the Cumberland Infirmary’s Dr Paul Davies, explained how the Telestroke Service, which links 15 stroke consultants from eight hospitals across […]

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Rory Speaks on Community Hospitals

Transcript I feel shy speaking in front of this extremely distinguished audience. It is impressive to take part in a debate involving people with so much expertise. I was impressed by the extraordinary confidence with which my hon. Friend the Member for Bracknell (Dr Lee) said things that we would not dare say to any […]

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Rory lobbies Health Minister to improve First Responders’ access to children

Rory has raised with the Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley, the troubling issue of First Responders’ lack of access to children in emergency situations. Following meetings with First Responders from Penrith and the Border, he is urging the Secretary to review existing legislation and protocols to try to find a compromise which would allow First Responder groups to […]