rory_thehutThe economic profile of Penrith and The Border is unique. It has very low unemployment (with many people holding down multiple jobs) and more self-employed people than almost any other constituency in Britain. Approximately 23 per cent of the population work from home, and 93 per cent work for businesses employing less than ten. A large proportion of my time is spent working with and understanding these small and medium-sized enterprises; understanding where government can do more to help, and where it needs to step back.

I am concerned about the way in which out-of-town supermarkets are affecting our traditional high streets, the difficulty many businesses are still having getting access to loans and funding, and what I see as the dangers of trying to artificially pump prime into industries and economies which simply do not exist in most parts of Cumbria.

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Rory took the opportunity to sit in on a creative wood carving workshop, run by local Cumbrian artist Alister Neville, whilst supporting the craft training done by Brampton Community Centre, and The Hut. Brampton’s The Hut provides regular workshops, ranging from embroidery to woodwork. It has an excellent set of woodworking equipment and a ceramics’ […]



Rory paid a visit to Shap on Monday, where he met with locals and discussed concerns with residents at his street surgery outside the Shap Co-op store. He also took the opportunity to meet with Georgina Perkins, new proprietor of the Shap Chippy, at the premises – currently being refurbished in advance of its imminent opening […]

rory sets out vision for cumbria as a hub for business and the environment

Rory laid out his vision for Cumbria as a global centre for outdoor, landscape, and energy projects  in a meeting he chaired between local green businesses, social enterprise groups, representatives from Cumbria County Council and Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency. Rory has already played a central role in a national pilot project which is looking to […]

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Press statement from Rory on DVLA Services at Local Post Offices

“I have been contacted by a great number of constituents concerned about the future of DVLA services at the Post Office, and I fully appreciate their concerns and thank them for getting in touch. Currently, DVLA is running a procurement competition for the services that are presently provided by the Post Office. It is required […]


Rory Heralds Cumbrian Investment

The Government says a £3.5 million investment in Cumbria’s rural economy will create 900 jobs and almost 500 new businesses. Rory welcomed agriculture Minister Jim Paice to Blencathra today to meet with local businesses and to announce an investment of  £3.5 million into Cumbria’s rural economy, which the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce estimates will create […]


cumbria’s diverse exports inspire new approach to uk trade

Rory’s vision for Cumbrian exports recalls the buccaneering enterprise of Britain’s trading past . In a speech in the House of Commons on 8 February 2012, Rory emphasised the diversity of Cumbria’s exports as a model for Britain.  He called on the UK government to look at “unexpected countries and unexpected products.” This requires, he […]